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Will a pair of wax chopstick remind you that you are eating off our world at the same time ?

1 Week


Every bite of the meal we intake are much bigger then we think, while we are enjoying the food only by paying money, there are lots of people with lots of hard work behind each bite, and while we are wasting our food, we are also taking parts from our world which we are not doing enough work to maintain it. 
With these Wax chopsticks , hoping they will remind the user their bite are melting the world each time they eat, while the user use the chopsticks to eat hot food , the heat from the food will melt the chopstick and use the fruit skin as a containment. The reason to include the fruit skin in the chopstick is by reminding user and giving the fruit skin a second life. 

The chopsticks are inspired by the Japan beauty concept - Wabi Sabi -"imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete", each pair of wax chopsticks are unique.

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